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Cairn Moore


Cairn is the proud owner and operator of Actors Studio. As a veteran theatre practitioner she brings over 35 years of professional experience as an actor, director and playwright. She also brings 30 years of experience teaching first year performance  at the University of Winnipeg.  

Cairn is the former Associate Education Director of Prairie Theatre Exchange School and the former Associate Artistic Director of FemFest. In addition to her many directing credits, she has co written two plays, Jail Baby (Scirocco) and Breaking Through (both produced by Sarasvati Productions, ). Her play SHIKSA premiered with the Jewish Theatre in 2016 and was awarded Best New Jewish Canadian Play. She is also the author of Generation NeXXt, (Scirocco) a scene book written for young female actors. Her latest work Lockdown, was programmed for production by Prairie Theatre Exchange’s Youth Acting Conservatory in May, 2020.

In addition to teaching, directing and acting, Cairn has been a major voice in television and radio and for the Winnipeg International Air Show. She has co-hosted a pilot for television, worked as a documentarian in Bosnia and produced special interest news stories for CKY news. Although Cairn is passionate about all of her artistic endeavours, nothing gives her more pleasure than sharing her passion for theatre with her students.  

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